18 अक्तूबर 2013

what will happen in the coming 4 month

For the past 3-4 months whenever I thought about writing something I had a feeling that it’s all worthless now. But I had conversations with our disciples on this subject. Actually, I had this eerie feeling, like the one before a storm. Today, this widely discussed comet was perceived by me almost two months ago, and it is evident from my writings as well. I never wanted to share these facts. But I became uncomfortable from the inside and decided to share with you as per my memory.

There was a Greek deity in ancient Rome named Nicolas who wanted to rule the world. But he was beheaded by deceit. This Nicolas is ruling America for the past three generations. The same forces are ruling India for the past seven generations. And the most discussed woman of India is his dowager. The third floor of a castle on an unknown Island is the center from where the entire actions are planned and governed. The demonic nature prevalent in today’s world is a result of vindictive spirit. Kindly don’t observe and relate the above facts directly to the people in power today but keep in mind that that forces like these uses human medium to work indirectly in a subtle manner. This brings us to the conclusion that America and India are still ruled by the same force.

Probably the earth will be divided into four regions for a war like situation. The northern region, the western region, the southern region, and America.  This means that the eastern region will be away from all this, which one? I don’t know.

Starting form tomorrow the rotation of the earth’s core will decrease gradually and finally come to a halt. I don’t know much regarding this but as far as I know this rotation gives the earth its magnetic field which protects us from the solar radiations. Whatever, all I know is this rotation will come to a halt.

I won’t be able to explain some things because of rules but because of some reason there will be an extreme amount of energy produced in the sea which will create a waterfall (Cyclone?, High tides?). The results for which can be guessed by anyone.

Kenya, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tiruvat, Namibia among the specially affected regions.

Four major epidemics will spread planet wide. These are: Cholera, hepatitis B, Disease due to blood contamination, and dengue.

These events are powered by mars and Saturn as these planets support war and epidemics. And the upcoming comet has crossed mars very closely. According to our knowledge this comet is actually a great-demon who is sent upon earth and it has landed here in its non physical form.

MAHA RAAHU has also arrived and will take half the earth in its possession. In fact this has already been done.

Considering the near apocalyptic situation of the present the earth is divided into two hemispheres.The northern and the southern hemisphere. Out of these; all the coastal countries of the southern hemisphere will be affected. This affect will reach its extent up to Myanmar.

The water joints of Andaman and Nicobar islands will break. This means two big water stream that combined at some point in time near these island will be separated again. The effects of which can be guessed by you.

The fact that attracted me the most was, the changes for new civilization will be governed supernaturally rather than naturally. This can be explained as: the remaining people on earth will forget what happened to the earth and in what condition it was in prior to the incident. The estimated age of earth, the age of civilization etc are known to us only on the basis of our memory. The collective human consciousness in interconnected together in a similar manner to that of a computer network, the control to which is in the hands of an administrator. If the administrator decides to create a new connection or execute a new program he can very well do so destroying the old network or program in the process. That is the exact reason why human is considered merely a puppet in spiritualism.

उमा दारु जोषित की नाई । सबै नचावत राम गुसाईं ।

There have been significant changes in the position of earth like the axis shift etc. In fact the earth is made to float in water. (This is a spiritual matter and can never be understood on the basis of science) The reasons you look at, as per the rules of physics are governed under the law and order of spiritualism. For instance an event occurring due to some reason at any given time based on certain mathematics in the natural world can be describes as a role change in the spiritual world and the sudden change of equation reverts back according to the natural laws. All this gets unnoticed in the physical world. This means whatever is operation at a subtle level is unnoticed by human understanding.  But is you know the difference between the physical and the subtle then everything occurs according to the rules of the subtle.

This new age will have no place for beings with disabilities whether it is in the body of a human or an animal. This means all these will come to an end.

The initiation for a new civilization and Dharma in India has begun. This new age will have only one global civilization and that will be Sanatana Dharma if the Hindus consider their religion as the Sanatana Dharma then they are totally wrong.

Considering India only, I can Say that India will be surrounded by flames but the other points regarding this are still unclear.

Explosion in Manipur.

Fire in Imphal.

Rewa in Madhya Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh itself will be highly affected; Satpura and Kehar will lie in the specially affected zones.

North-western part of Gujarat will face drought. Rest regions will face fire, plague. This affect of this plague will spread up to Uttar Pradesh as well.

The core of the earth will come to a stop.

Smoke from nuclear reactor.

The rise of new civilization from 9th October 2013.

Destruction from a huge rocket. Nature and Technology devastated.

Heavy snowfall in Atlanta.

Destruction in Myanmar.

Huge loss in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh due to famine, clouds and fire.

Heavy waterfall in Uruguay.

The above mentioned rulers for the past three and seven generations in America and India respectively will be the final from their dynasty.

Disjunction of water in Andaman.

Waterfall (Cyclone, High tides?) in Nicaragua. Not sure but the entire place will not be destroyed.

This is certain that the earth will suffer major changes in its physical appearance during this duration i.e. the places for land and the sea will have to be remapped.

The eastern region of Kenya (Tiruvat) will suffer from atomic explosion.

High probability of a huge explosion on 13th august.

Comet ISON is actually the great-devil whose tail is broken and he has landed upon earth, MAHA RAAHU mentioned earlier is probably going to help him in this destruction.

Portugal will suffer from destruction by water.

Huge flames will rise up from the Ocean, exact reason unknown but the oil carrying ships creates a probability or a new oil source can emerge from the ocean.

Huge destruction by a meteorite.

The wind direction in the southern hemisphere will reverse. This is the most important fact. If you do a scientific analysis on this the results will be devastating.

Sri Lanka will be destroyed. Only a small island will be in the vicinity of India.

India will be surrounded by flames. Half of the population will be destroyed. Huge waterfall (Cyclone?) in southern hemisphere.

The shadow of the MAHA RAAHU will cover half of the earth dividing it into two parts (not physically).

Madhya Pradesh will suffer from drought, Clouds and devastation from fire.

Note: There is more important fact that will be added to this post later. You are in no way forced to believe these points to be the truth they are solely given to stimulate your thinking. We do our work with a sense of duty.   

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