10 सितंबर 2013

I don't want him to be alone

Q - Hi sorry I just read ur post I hope u don't mind me messaging u iv just saw ur pics just wondered what u did I saw Sumone mention I gave him a glance ov his loved one I'm sorry if I'm intruding dont usually make a habit iv it thanks

ans - I always have a fear while conversing with people using other languages, and that fear is: after translation, will my message be conveyed intact and in the exact notion?
However,I thoroughly read and understood your feelings.

Now about your question.
In our Indian civilization, culture a normal message from a stranger is never considered bad instead we feel happy that someone feels us close enough to him/her so as to share their joys and sorrows or some other feelings.Not only we listen to their matter with affinity but also help them out to the best of our abilities.Due to our culture ,rites extra pointless formalities are not part of our conduct or nature.
Therefore,I will be happy to converse with you.

We have a monastery in which we teach the special way to directly contact the highest power (  God  ) and knowing your true self.We also teach how to know and tackle other divine obstructions.Its nothing like impossible or difficult.So whenever you will share any question or feeling I will wholeheartedly welcome it.

Q - I feel it's more a cultural aspect than a heavenly divination. I do understand even the most pulled in person realises that, I see your want for persecution but not to be ignorant I give you knowledge. It may look like the way, but it is only an aspect. Can you talk to me, with you psychologically pure mind, I understand your knowledge may open some doors for me ?
I'm in terrible need of help with the shame of abandonment from my mother, I have a son and fear he will ( or I will leave ) before the best time in nourishment of the soul, or at least to part on good terms ( he is not yet 1, and I am upset by the wheels been in motion ) ....
It has come to me to make imaginings of life past this time of separation, it came to me in this moment. It may feel as though nature is against us. I am scared, I don't want to be alone and under that fear I don't want him to be alone, his kids, ... Can you take some time I beg you to put you logic in working order for me and my kin to benefit from your sound reasoning. I only want to die with my son part of me,
I need to get a hold, before the seed of my ill thought manifests,
ans - Dear ........Blessings,
However,I thoroughly read and understood your feelings and that is why I can say as a gist of the matter that you need not to worry about any such thing.This is nothing big for real saints of India. Therefore not only I will help you out completely, rather it will not be a big deal if you carry out your life with your son with full enjoyment.Being left by your mother has created a knot inside your mind, and your culture and environment has a lot to do with it.Your beloved son is very young at the moment who can be tied in a bond of love with his mother (you) easily. But this is very difficult in case of a teen. So quit being sorrowful by thinking about this. I am not saying all this to sympathize you rather we have control over a lot of unknown things. And the immediate proof of this is, as soon as you will devotedly recall me with your true heart, all you tensions and negative thoughts will dissappear at the same moment. If you wish to learn, then I will introduce you to that Indian knowledge too, with which one can directly experience about his/her true self and the God. And this is certainly not too difficult.

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